UPDATE june 2021. Competitions are cancelled.

                                                                                         To all competitors, helpers and friends.

Due to the Corona virus it will be a big problem to organize this year’s both F5J and F3j competition in The Netherlands. We are waiting for better times, the virus will not vanish in short while and the risk of contamination will stay for a longer period. What the governments are doing right now is trying to stop spreading this disease, but until we find medication to cure the disease or vaccination to prevent, we can’t do anything. The end of June, we expect, is too soon to fly with competitors from all over Europe. Our proposition right now is, don’t pay the entry fee. We will wait until June 1th 2020 to repay the money we already received. If by any chance the circumstances change, we will let you know in time. We hope to organize the F5J Toldijk and the F3j Oosterland in the future again in good health.

Wout Heijne, chairman Holland Glide.

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